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Can You Action Past Your Devils Advocate

Title: Can You Action Past Your Devil’s Advocate?

Author: K. “Kimbe” Abernathy

Published: January 1st, 2015

Publisher: Xlibris

Genre: Non-fiction Entrepreneurial Empowerment


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Are you an existing, new or upcoming entrepreneur? This book is easy to read and relaxed to understand. GREAT book to assist in expounding ones vision to put all into ACTION through 12 elaborated tips in what it takes to move forward. An undeniable source of motivation bursts with inspiration for the entrepreneurial mind. If you can get through this book you can get through entrepreneurism. From the desk of an ordinary member of society, “Can You Action Past Your Devil’s Advocate?”

This book provokes to
Rise up to the challenge and overcome
Leads you to fight for your life and your dreams
Points you to reach your top at
Full potential in full force.

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K Abernathy

K. Abernathy better known as Kimbe`, Kentucky native, now California saturated since the 90’s. Kimbe` an entrepreneur, business owner, director, educator, and deal sealer, currently serving as CEO of a small personal appearance company and Director of youth programs sponsored by regional school districts.

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“…The big question is how to get ahead as an entrepreneur, as a goal getter from what you typically see and what you’re used to as an commonplace individual. Well, I’m a commonplace individual, in a taboo career and I’M DOING IT! In the words of Maya Angelou “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it” You want to sustain in life by creating opportunities BIG OR SMALL. Not waiting for a yes and still moving forward.

“Step forward into growth or back into safety”
-Abraham Maslow
It is important to be able and willing to action regardless of all trauma, all the No’s, and non-supporters one could headache and pain on. This book is for the average wanting to reach their next level. The ones who feel they aren’t smart enough; the ones who have BIG ideas with no direction; the ones who have vision with no support; the ones who have degrees and are at a dead end; the ones in school just going through the motions; the ones who have talent and feel their voice and willpower is not strong enough; the ones simply wanting more. This book is written by one who understands the emotion and feelings of the one striving for more. Most likely if you are striving, wanting more, you’re an entrepreneur!
What is an entrepreneur again?
Entrepreneurs are innovators, visionaries—generators of new ideas turning into coinage; that’s right—income, revenue, dough, bread, money. Smile for me! This body of work comes from a place of rising from rejection, talents that have been overlooked and misunderstood by second-rate superiors, peers, family, companions and—funny enough—sometimes your cheerers and admirers. Early on, I wanted more, and I knew how to get more through ways that weren’t truly applauded by the usual thinker, by the play-it-safe thinker. I also had yet to learn and perfect my approach; quickly I learned approach is everything!

Through those times I became boundless at amplification and clarifying myself not through ideas, not through words, but through action and being able to positively relate to other individuals like myself. Because of rejection and wanting more I learned to create my opportunities, prospects, and big breaks. My success stories really started to take strides when I stopped looking for others to give me a chance and started creating my own chances. These are the traits of an entrepreneur. This book comes from empathy for life’s spins. Taking those spins and putting them on a pedestal to be used as a growth tool versus a crutch tool. It is significant that you know that you have the ability to create your own kind of success. This book is essential maintenance to cheer on and coach yourself to your own successes to be able to take a talent, skill, passion, desire, product, and or business and turn it to prize. The entrepreneurial prize is the gumption and follow-through to negotiate compensation, propose benchmarks for company positions, generate buzz for a brand, insert yourself into anyone’s business, take over an existing business, open a start-up business with non-existing to nominal budgets. Turn NO into YES. Turn talents into reward. Turn determination into incentive, customizing your own plans within one’s Master Plan…

Can you action past your devil’s advocate?
“At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets.”
-Steve Maraboli
Jam packed with success tips, famous quotes, iconic successful leaders, mentors & glossary. Let’s get this body of work read so we can move on to excellence, creating our own success stories.
Let’s kick it off with this quote
“If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be.”
― Maya Angelou Poet
Ready! TIP #1 GAUGE Desire”


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