After the Wanting by Elmer Seward


~ About the Book ~


Title: After the Wanting

Author: Elmer Seward

Published: March 18th, 2021

Publisher: Bay Rivers Publishing

Genre: Psychological Thriller

Content Warning: 18+

~ Synopsis ~


Rising Internet sensation or creepy-guy magnet?

Rachel’s life is a muddle of highs and lows. Just as her popular product review vlog is taking off, she finds herself fleeing to the seclusion of Virginia’s Eastern Shore to escape her most recent romantic disaster. Lex’s single-minded pursuit of Rachel frightens her.

To be loved and to be safe – That’s all she wants.

But terror awaits After the Wanting.

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~ About the Author ~


Elmer Seward was born and raised along the Chesapeake Bay in southeast Virginia. When he was growing up, the cemetery behind his house was his playground. The metaphorical theme of death and rebirth that figures prominently in his novels is probably influenced in some way by the time that his mother heard, through the screened window, a small voice crying for help. Rushing from the house and through the yard, she discovered her all-too-curious six-year-old son at the bottom of a freshly dug grave. In that moment, he discovered that trouble is much easier to get into than it is to get out of. Sometimes we need help getting out of the hole that we jump into willingly.

He is blessed to have a large blended family. He is also the reluctant servant of two crazy dogs, a Cocker Spaniel and a BruMaltChiYorkie (don’t ask). All of these strongly influence the characters and events in his novels; however, his beautiful wife, Mitzi, is the true inspiration for the tenderhearted but determined women in his stories.

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~ Excerpt ~


It was a calm night, no wind to speak of. On nights like this I see her.

I know it seems crazy, but true.

There’s a magic in the darkness. Magic and blood. The impossible becomes possible. Evil and good muddled in the inky depths. Life and death become sky and water on a moonless night with no discernable line between. In these moments, I see her. I touch her cheek but her face ripples and runs. And the blood. The blood flows all around. I cry out under the mocking stars. She sings in the wind. Her voice laughs in the rain. She calls and taunts.

I stop up my ears, but still she calls. I must find her. I want this wanting, this haunting to stop.

I want…

But what comes after the wanting? What?

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