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Thank you for being interested in becoming an official JGBS Host! Allow me to tell you a little more about what being an event host means.

Being a host is a great way to bring new traffic to your blog! When you participate in JGBS events, you are able to post unique content such as interviews, guest posts, tour wide giveaways, special excerpts, cover reveals, etc. Not only is it a great way for you to learn about new-to-you authors, but provides the same wonderful opportunity to your readers and fans!

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I look forward to working with you!


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  • E. Michael Helms, author

    Hi again, Jaidis! I and two other mystery authors, Kait Carson, and Max Everhart, will soon be starting the blog “MotiveMeansOpportunity” which will feature all-things dealing with mysteries, thrillers, their authors, writers who are striving to become published in the genre, etc. Interviews, book reviews, guest posts, tips on writing in the genre, and just about anything you can think of about the subject will be our focus.
    The blog isn’t “officially” up and running yet, but a skeletal version is here:
    Once we have our feet on the ground and have built a base of followers, would you be interested in “MotiveMeansOpportunity” being a blog tour host for Juniper Grove? Of course the book(s) would have to fall in our area of interest, and I understand the majority of your book tours wouldn’t be appropriate. But we would like to be involved as a tour host whenever you have a book in or near our subject matter. Thanks Jaidis!

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