Up for Review: The Haunting by E.M. MacCallum

The Haunting

Title: The Haunting

Series: The Demon’s Grave #3

Author: E.M. MacCallum

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Published: August 13th, 2015

Content Warning: Language, Sexual Innuendos, Minor Gore & Violence.

Age Recommendation: 17+

Formats Available: Mobi, ePub


You can request a copy of book 1, The Demon’s Grave, HERE.

You can request a copy of book 2, Midnight Ruling, HERE.


~ Synopsis ~


One by one, they are losing the battle.

With the shock of death ringing in their ears, the group has to face one final test.

The Challenge is a classic haunted house and the creatures within are out to twist truths and reveal dark secrets.

Nora has to overcome her strange familiarity with the Demon’s Grave as well as her infatuation with the demonic overlord, Damien. But, not everyone wants her there, and she could end up fighting for more than just her friend’s freedom.



~ About the Author ~


EM MacCallum

E.M. loves long walks through bookstores, Disney, horror movies/books, anything supernatural, and researching random facts about history and sharks, which are mutually exclusive from each other. She lives beside a lake in the Canadian wilderness with internet access, her husband, an Akita/Lab & two crazy kitties.

“The Demon’s Grave” trilogy will be out in 2015
“Zombie-Killer Bill” novella will be re-released 2015

If you’d like to know more, please visit: www.emmaccallum.com



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