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When Lexie Anderson’s mother suddenly announces she is marrying a Romanian immigrant, Lexie willingly leaves behind her busy life in Connecticut for her penance in the “Moose Capital of the World.” Small town living is strange enough, now Lexie must cope with her overbearing stepfamily monitoring her every move. They disappear into the woods at night and keep a strange secret locked in their shed. Her once calm mother is now having violent outbursts and Lexie’s little sister is hearing sinister sounds coming from the forest behind their new home. Lexie’s biggest surprise comes when she discovers the boy she has been dreaming about since her accident is living in Maine. Despite Torin’s questionable reputation, Lexie cannot resist the physical and emotional attraction pulsating between them. Animals and people in town are turning up dead and Lexie learns the strange new world she lives in has real life monsters. Just when she decides she wants to be with Torin forever, she must fight to protect her mother and sister from being harmed by a formidable evil.


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Excerpt from Fate Fixed:

Lexie shivered with excitement when the very flamboyant Theo pulled into the yard a little after eight.  She was surprised how nervous Alik seemed until after they were seated in the Subaru station wagon and heading down the road towards the center of town.

Perhaps Alik feared Max would invite himself only to discover their evening plans included an excursion into the Maine woods for a little adolescent partying. How Maxim would behave was unknown and Lexie didn’t want to find out.

By the time they pulled into the overgrown park, Maxim was the last thing on Lexie’s mind. At first glance, it was like any other state park with dense red spruce and balsam fir trees towering over the scattering of seasoned picnic tables and fire-pits. But as they followed the winding driveway, Lexie was impressed with the forest’s sheer size and overgrown brush. There were animals and the occasional hikers around, but August weekends belonged to the local youth.

Through the passenger’s side window, Lexie inhaled the crisp scent of pine. The Outback bumped along until reaching a second pull-off that opened into a clearing filled with dozens of automobiles. Several of them faced a large pavilion, their headlights illuminating the entire inside of the structure, which was packed full of picnic tables topped with coolers and snack foods. A tall boy with blonde dreads was playing DJ while others clustered around different tables and by the bonfire in the clearing.

Everywhere Lexie looked there were young adults: some were laughing, some kissing – a few played hacky sack. It was a lively gathering unlike she had ever seen.  She couldn’t stop the smile from skittering across her face, because it appeared they were good at it.

Theo clutched Lexie’s hand and headed for the pavilion with Alik closely following behind, his eyes wide with wonderment. She spotted Brooke on the back of a truck’s tailgate with Cian’s arms wrapped around her. Beside them was a strikingly attractive guy with longish red hair, grinning as he captivated their attention.

Theo was practically vibrating with excitement, “That’s Cian’s friend Teagan – watch out for him, he can talk girls out of their clothes without even moving his lips.”

A ragged table was covered with every snack option a person could want – pizza, soda, chips, veggies and more. Lexie added her cookies and pretzels to the smorgasbord.  An overdressed platinum blonde with shoulder length hair strutted up beside them, “Who are your new friends Theo?”

“Keep your claws off Courtney.” Theo forbid, putting up his hand.

Always the gentleman, her brother offered, “I’m Alik Serov and this is my sister Lexie Anderson.”

Without a second’s hesitation, she draped her arms around him and pressed her body into his. “Well, at least some people have manners,” she bit on her lower lip.

Theo plucked Lexie away before she even had a chance to detach her brother from the blonde’s talons.  She wasn’t one quick to judge, but the girl was irritating. She hoped Alik could find them once his charity ran out.

“I can’t stand that…thing,” Theo spat.  “She makes my life hell.”

“How old is she?” Lexie couldn’t tell with Courtney’s pancake makeup.

“She’s our age and either harassing me because I’m gay or because I’m Asian. It gets old fast. Of course, there hasn’t been anyone new for her to sink her teeth in since I moved here five years ago.” Theo’s eyes darted back at Alik as he talked to a vigorous Courtney. “Looks like your brother can be her new obsession for a while – it’s usually Cian’s cousins that have to fend her off.”

Lexie noticed that Courtney’s focus on Alik was intense, like a shopaholic at a shoe sale. He seemed to enjoy it. Maybe she was a potential girlfriend, claws or not. Lexie hoped Alik would survive her anyway – at least she could have a little space from him.

Theo introduced Lexie to everyone on his way to where Cian and Brooke sat with Teagan.  As soon as Brooke saw them, she tugged frantically on Cian’s arm with enthusiasm, “This is her! Lexie, this is my boyfriend and his cousin Teagan.”

Cian was even better looking up close with his intense dark green eyes and russet brown hair. Teagan was much fairer in color, but had an open expression that exuded his confidence.  He’s attractive and he knows it.

“Hey there,” Teagan offered with a charming grin.

“Didn’t Alik come with you?” Brooke sang with eagerness.

Before Lexie could answer, Theo jumped in, “Don’t even get me started – Courtney’s already sucking him dry.”

Teagan laughed, “That poor fool.”

Cian smirked, “I can recall you being sucked dry a few times by that one.”

“Yeah, I’ve pulled her off me a few times,” he winked at Lexie. “Usually she has it in for Torin – she scares the dickens out of him.”

A muscular blonde hopped up on the tailgate next to Cian, “Who scares Torin?” His bright eyes danced when he spoke. His gaze met Lexie’s, offering her an open smile.

“Let me guess, you are talking about Courtney,” a velvety voice resonated from just behind her.

It was at that moment that Lexie felt the strangest sensation wash through her – her skin tingled like the air suddenly became magnetized.  As if in slow motion, she turned to see the most powerful blue eyes she had ever seen.

Like my dream, but real.

Standing right behind her, he was about six feet tall and dressed in nothing but jeans and a black button up shirt. His chestnut hair swept to one side and fell across his forehead. As his friends mocked back and forth about Courtney’s crush on him, he watched them in silence, hands stuffed in his pockets.

Lexie tried to open her mouth and say hello, but was unsure if she could. Her heart pulsed like she just went for a good run.  I am losing my mind.

As soon as she thought it, his bottomless eyes connected with hers. If words could describe the silent connection she felt when he gazed down at her, she wouldn’t have been able to keep herself from blurting them out loud.

At first his expression showed bewilderment – but with a subtle shake of his head, he gained a mixture of composure and understanding. His face softened as he smiled and the effect left her feeling a warm flush spread across her cheeks.

“I’m Torin,” he introduced.  “What’s your name?”

Lexie knew everyone else carried on with their laughter, oblivious to what was happening between them, and she was thankful. She didn’t understand it either, but she wanted to see where it led. “Lexie Anderson,” she responded with a smile.

There was a familiarity about him that mystified her – she couldn’t deny the sense of connection that appeared to pulsate between them. “I know we don’t know each other, but you seem so familiar to me,” she tried explaining.  I’m babbling.

Torin edged a little closer, but she didn’t mind his nearness. He hung his head and whispered, “Can we go talk for a little while?”

She knew she should be cautious, even Ted Bundy looked like a normal guy, but she couldn’t resist the offer. She glanced over at Theo and Brooke, but they were joking and having fun with the others.

He slipped his hand into hers, “Don’t worry.”

She looked back into his eyes and felt a pull inside her, beckoning her to go with him.

The air had a pleasant smell of wood smoke and Lexie noticed the grass was cool on her sandaled feet.  The music was still loud, but she could at least hear herself think. Torin didn’t lead her far, just over to a black sports car parked on the edge of the clearing.  She had seen cars like his before at the McDonald’s in Torrington when it hosted hotrod shows on summer nights.  It was in beautiful shape.

“Is this yours?” she asked as she slid her hand across the polished hood.  She was fond of older cars and her father had loved Chevy muscle cars. “Is it an ‘84?”

He beamed, making her insides flutter. “It’s a customized ’85.  I have been working on it for a while with Braden.” He opened the door and motioned for her to hop in.

Watching him filled her with pleasure.  She wanted to just climb in the car with him and see where they ended up without fear of consequences, but she forced herself to be logical.  He looked amazingly sweet, but she could not run off with someone she didn‘t know.  “I would love to, but I can’t just climb into a car with a complete stranger,” she laughed.

So rational my whole life, why should now be different?

His genuine expression made his eyes dance as he countered, “I’m not a stranger and I promise you’re not in any danger from me.”  He took a slow step towards her, placing his hand against the side of her face and ran his thumb across her cheek. Torin’s expression became pensive as he studied Lexie for a moment, as if he wanted to say something.

Instead he leaned forward and pressed his forehead to hers. Lexie could smell his enthralling scent and it again reminded her of her dream.  She gave into the moment and felt his warmth wrap around her.

He was letting her make the choice to kiss him, not pushing her if she wasn’t willing.  She looked into his serious eyes and felt her heart beating against her ribs with anxious excitement.  Lexie touched her lips against his and kissed him slowly.  His arms encircled her waist and pulled her closer to him as they tasted each other for the first time.

She liked how he wasn’t like most boys – no rushing the moment and grabbing at her, she felt safe because he didn’t try to devour her. The moment was as meaningful to him as it was to her.

She adored the satisfied groan that escaped his lips after she tilted her face away – ending the kiss. Still close, they steadied their breathing. She could have stood there with him all night, but she needed to make sense of her reaction.  Did he really feel what she was feeling or was she confused – only fairytales were that good. Or maybe dreams…

Abruptly the music stopped and Torin’s head shot up. She could hear a booming male voice giving someone hell.  Her mind couldn’t comprehend what she was hearing but she could feel Torin’s arms tense around her.  Looking past him, her skin turned cold when she saw Maxim clutching the front of Alik’s shirt, his face scarlet red.  His immense posture was domineering as he towered over his brother.

Lexie felt sick to her stomach watching Alik’s humiliation. He was trying to turn away from his giant brother, but Maxim held him tight, glaring pure rage.  Alik attempted to brush off his hands, but Maxim shoved him towards Dragos’s Jeep at the entrance of the driveway.

Lexie felt like her legs were two lead pipes unwilling to move.  Somehow she had to calm Max down. She didn’t even get a chance to talk to Torin yet, but she couldn’t let Alik take the heat for a decision that was made by both of them.  She peered up at Torin – concern outlined his face.

“Please stay. You don’t have to go,” he breathed. His blue eyes studied her carefully.

“I want to stay, but I can’t.  My brothers are fighting and it’s partially my fault.” She touched his shoulder, still stunned he was standing before her. She tried to give him an encouraging smile but knew it wasn’t convincing.  “Bye.”   She pulled from his embrace and rushed over to where Maxim continued to yell at Alik next to the truck.

Not knowing what to say, she took her stance beside Alik and mustered up her most shaming look to fix upon Maxim.  “Enough is enough, why don’t we talk about this at home. You’re causing a scene.”

With an enraged scowl, Maxim spun on her.  “You have no say in this Lexie.  Neither of you belong here – I can’t believe Alik would be stupid enough to bring you to this place. You’re both going home, now get in the car.”

Lexie turned to Alik – his face was red and his lips trembled, he wouldn’t meet her eyes. “I’m sorry,” she whispered to him. Without a word, he climbed in the back of the Jeep.

She straightened her spine and gave Maxim a rigid glare, “You may be used to pushing around your brothers, but you better learn right now that you don’t ever tell me what to do.  I will never back down to you.  I’ll come home, but only so I can make sure you don’t give Alik a hard time.”

Maxim’s fury met its limit. He reached around and threw open the front passenger side door of the truck. “So help me Lexie, if you don’t get in right now, I will not be responsible for my actions.  You think I’m a monster now, you have no idea…”

Lexie took her sweet time as she strode to the front of the Cherokee and clambered in.  Maybe her pride was setting her up for a smack down, but she would rather fight than let him govern her.

How did he know we were here?

As she glided into the seat, Max slammed the Jeep’s door. Lexie held her breath trying to control her uneven respirations as she watched him in the review mirror stomp around the rear of the truck.

Alik’s subdued voice uttered, “Do as he says Lexie. It’s safer for us both that way.”




BONNIE ERINA WHEELER is a lifelong resident of New England and a University of Connecticut student.


Having grown up in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, Bonnie discovered her love of writing early on, but did not begin writing novels until May 2011. As the daughter of author, Glen William Ruane, storytelling and world building is a family affair. Bonnie’s daughter, Miranda E. L. Wheeler and son, Robert D. Wheeler, share in the family’s passion and have both published in the last twelve months.


When not in class or working on her next novel, Bonnie enjoys spending time with her husband, Jerry. Together the two have been writing their own special love story since marrying in April of 1995. Their children Miranda, Justin, and Bobby give them great joy. Their family is made complete with the addition of Petey, a Spanish water dog, they adopted from their local pound.


Bonnie’s plans for the future include writing more novels in the Erris Coven Series, as well as, writing several contemporary young adult novels that have been in development for some time.


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Braden Murphy knew he was going to die. There was a twist to his family secret – one that was forced upon him from the time he was a child. For years he envisioned his final days and tried to be strong enough to leave his family. Now that it was time, he was ready to make good on a deadly promise. Except for one unexpected glitch, a raven haired beauty insisted on joining him.


Liz Sanders thought her best friend’s stepfamily was weird, but she never would have guessed they were werewolves. Now Liz must travel with a secretive half-vampire in search of a lycanthropy cure. Landing in a nest full of blood thirsty vampires wasn’t on the agenda, but neither was falling in love.


Braden is tempting, but Liz’s feelings for him are complicated. She wishes he would open up about his past and give her a reason to trust him.


Just when Liz thinks she can let her guard down, she’s forced to confront the evil that has been stalking Braden’s past for years. Death is here and ready to destroy everything they’ve fought to save.


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