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Time Winders

Title: Time Winders

Author: Blog Glatnek

Published: March 17th, 2014

Publisher: Stonetree Entertainment

Genre: Sci-Fi

Content Warning: Minor violence and sexual references

Age Recommendation: 16+


~ Synopsis ~


Tanya is a beautiful young Time Cop chasing criminals through Time. James is an 82-year old widower. How did these two get stuck together, tracking down a rogue agent? Is someone manipulating the outcome from the future? And what’s with the tea?

Find out how love, loyalty, and friendship can change everything you thought you knew about destiny, in Time Winders.

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~ About the Author ~


Blog Glatnek

Maybe… “Tanya (female), wrote this book under the pseudonym of Blog, (a man).  She is currently a biologist, writer and medical illustrator. She is married, and loves Science Fiction, particularly time travel.  Her favorite book this year is The Martian, by Andy Weir.”

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~ Excerpt ~


“Uh, Tanya? Do you ever, I don’t know, run into yourself? In Time?”
“Don’t be silly. There’s only one of me.”
“But, that doesn’t make sense.”
“The way it was explained to us was, there are multiple iterations of Time, but you are a singularity.”
And that was that. But it was only half the equation.
“Look, that brings up something. I get that you travel through Time (he thought of Time as an entity, now, something he could almost touch), but how do you travel through space? How did we go from California at midnight, to Flanders at noon?”
She nodded. “I had to take a course in advanced temporal-fluidics, and it was still difficult to understand. It’s even harder to explain, but … let me use the analogy my professor used.
“When we travel through Time, think of our toes as leaving the surface of the Earth. In fact, that’s why it was so easy for me to carry you along when you were struggling; Time itself pulls us along. Then, as we step, the Earth rotates beneath us. I choose when and where to touch down.”

James sort of got it. He knew the Earth was roughly 24,000 miles around, so with 24 hours in a day you’re moving about 1,000 miles an hour. If you could theoretically float above the surface (without being flung at 1,000 miles an hour when you left), the planet would rotate beneath you. It would be like traveling at 1,000 miles an hour.


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  • Blog Glatnek


    I’m here today (Feb. 26th) and I’ll be here, after 11:00 a.m. Western time, Friday the 27th, if anybody has a question.

    Tanya Park.

    Addendum: I started out as an art major, realized that wasn’t going to land me a job, so I switched to Biology (love being a scientist!) Then, while still in college, landed a position as a Medical Illustrator for the Legal Profession.

    You know when you see a courtroom case on television, and there is often a 4-foot board on an easel behind the attorney representing the injury of the plaintiff?

    That’s what I do!

    Second addendum: Nobody asked about the name, “Blog.” He writes at a future date, and, much like Chase and Hunter became first names, (names which were a noun, or profession, 150 years ago) I realized Blog might actually be a first name 150 years from today.

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