Big Changes Are Coming To JGBS…

Hey, everyone!

I hope that you all are having a great day and are finding some great books to add to your reading lists. I want to let you know about some important changes that are coming to JGBS.

It is with great sadness that I must announce that some of JGBS’s author promotion services will no longer be available. As some of you know, I am expecting my third daughter and am experiencing some health issues that are starting to impact my high-risk pregnancy. Upon my doctor’s insistence, I must reduce my current responsibilities to ensure that I can provide my daughter with a healthy start. I have been exhausting myself trying to think of ways I can continue with everything while still keeping my pregnancy a top priority, but am failing to find a solution. I am at a loss as I don’t want to let my authors down.

For the last five years, I have been working endlessly to build this company. It breaks my heart that I must sacrifice something so dear to me, but nothing is more important to me than my children. I understand that cutting back will affect my company and that I will likely not be able to bring my company back to its current state, but it is what must be done at this time.

So what does this mean for authors? We will no longer be organizing events that require blog participation. These events take a lot of time to prepare for and make up the majority of our work. The services that we are removing include: book tours, blitzes, blasts, and cover reveals.

However, we are keeping some of our services, though some changes have been made. Our review library program is now free to all authors. Rather than JGBS organize and track reviews, authors may post in our Facebook group if they have review copies available and interested readers can request a copy there. So authors have the freedom to choose their reviewers and may send review copies however they choose.

We will still be offering our newsletter and PA services to authors. Our newsletter currently has over 2,000 subscribers and is something that we can schedule in advance. Additionally, we will still be utilizing our social media platforms and employee blogs to help authors promote their books through our PA services. I still have a wonderful team that will help ensure that each author is receiving the attention they deserve and to help them in any way we can to see their books succeed.

I want to thank all of our wonderful hosts for all of their help in promoting our authors and their wonderful books for the last five years. JGBS could not have become an award-winning company without you and all of your hard work.

I also need to thank Laurie for her constant dedication and help over that last several years. Her support and amazing work ethic have helped shape JGBS into what it has become today, and I’d be lost without her. I am forever in her debt.

I look forward to helping authors promote their future works through our growing newsletter and working behind-the-scenes to share their written words to book lovers everywhere.

I will be updating our website to reflect these changes, and I’m happy to answer any questions that authors may have.

Stay You & Happy Reading!

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  • Bobbie Crawford

    It’s most important to take care of you and your babies. We all understand, hun. If you need any help or there’s anything that I can do for you, please let me know. I hope your health improves and trust me, you can bring your Company back if you’re up to it further down the road. xo

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