Miranda Wheeler

“As an independent author, I’m in the position to say that marketing is an absolutely crucial element to what I do – but that it also tends to be insanely baffling. Juniper Grove Book Solutions completely simplified the chaos of promotion and eliminated the anxiety that accompanies it. The service turns a process that happens to be predictably stressful and difficult into something convenient and – dare I say it! – fun. They not only create personalized graphics for each tour, but also usefully collect all of the need-to-know on a single, user-friendly page that is continually updated and allow authors to take on the creative processes of interviews and guest posts rather than worry about constant petitioning or coordinating. On top of it all, the wonderful people that stand behind it exceed the expectation of helpfulness and flexibility, and go beyond personable and friendly. The combination of unique affordability, efficiency, and an amazingly positive experience sets it drastically apart from other tour services as a refreshingly outstanding rarity. I have nothing but praise for Juniper Grove Book Solutions and would absolutely do it again. Highly, highly recommended!”

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